2002-2003 Cheerleading Pictures
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It may take a second to download, but it is well worth your time.

2-2-1 at night home game

The Running Bulldogs are about to Score

The bonfire the night before Homecoming

Sharpe motions everyone!!

Squad Stretches

Leading the Dawg Pound with a Great Chant

Let's play follow the leader

That is a great pyramid

Got to love it when we score a touchdown

Look at her go!!

They should have turned the lights on a little sooner!!

I believe I can fly!!!

Getting a power nap before camp starts. (Do we have a room, yet?)

Posing for some lucky fan

Squad libs - Yeah Baby!!

Finding time to show off their skill

She is on top of the world

Solid as a rock

Does this not remind you of Charlie's Angels

Does anybody know where we are at?

Work it, Mac!!

At one of our many performances - Livermush 2001

NIce scorpion

Never missing a moment to pump up the crowd

You are the man!! (I see you have a spot. Safety first.)

It's going to be a long night

They are not camera shy