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Coach Drew
My name is Andrew Day. This may be my second year coaching at Gardner-Webb, but by no
means am I new to this school or to the field of coaching. I have cheered here for five
years. In those five years, I was able to learn alot and then see a team progressively get
better through the years. When I first cheered here, chairs were the stunts to do. Now,
toss ball up cupie, heel stretch full down have become standard. To let you know more of
my background and my experience in cheerleading. I have taught summer camps all over
the United States such as Colorado, New Jersey, Illinois, and the list continues on greatly
for the past five years. I have been Nationally certified in safety and judging. I have
judged regional competitions up and down the East coast. I have also judged at the
International level. I have been apart of All-American cheer and dance staff two years. I
have been apart of three teams that have competed at the National level and placed fifth at
Cheersport in partner stunts. I have also coached area squads while I attended
Gardner-Webb. I look forward to this year and years to come as we continue to build on
the tradition here at GWU as having a great cheerleading program.

The History of the Program
This program has grown leaps and bounds over the last five years. We went from not competiting at all to being one of the forefront teams in college cheerleading. The past 4 years we have been competiting with NCA. We started in Division II and now have changed to Small Co-ed(4 guys or less). That means we compete against any Division I, II, or III teams. Our school will officially be Division IAA in 2002. In our first appearance in the Small Coed Division we placed 5th in the Nation and 1st in the Southeast. Quite a shock to alot of people. We are fortunate to have a lot of returns to place hopefully even higher this year. One thing that we have been blessed with is that the talent here has continued to get stronger and stronger. We are building a tradition of having great cheerleading.

Gardner-Webb University cheerleaders have competed the past four years at NCA Nationals in Daytona, Fl. We have done well each year. This past year we competed in the Small Co-ed division. We made finals for the first time in the schools history. We placed fifth overall. We hope and strive to continue to be a National contender in college cheerleading.

I'd love to hear from you!

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